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Cooking can be a mystery. Filled with nuances and techniques, creating wonderful and wholesome meals is daunting to some. To others, it is an exercise to simplify recipes to match cooking skills. So many great plans for a new dish to serve family and friends are quickly discarded with, “Well, that is not going to happen,” when the recipes seem too difficult to prepare. 

For all these reasons and more, Cooking Tips and Tricks is here to help. Founded by food journalists and recipe website owners Beth Mueller, https://peartreekitchen.com, and Elaine Benoit, https://dishesdelish.com, Cooking Tips and Tricks will provide answers to questions about cooking techniques and provide tips based on their experiences as self-taught home chefs. 

Cooking Tips and Tricks will be your one-stop shop for all your cooking questions, eliminating the need to search multiple sources to get the answers you need. From beginners to experienced cooks, home chefs, professional chefs, and recipe website owners, Cooking Tips and Tricks will be an all-in-one cooking resource and reference guide.